Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Company

PPW uses the most advanced, eco-friendly surface cleaning systems available.

We use a ‘closed loop system' which focuses on eliminating waste water run-off from cleaning operations and keeping customers in environmental compliance. Our professional pressure washers use a cleaning system that not only cleans concrete surfaces better than any other method, but it does so quickly, economically and in an environmentally safe manner.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Equipment

PPW utilizes specially designed surface cleaning equipment, which fully contains and recaptures contaminants while simultaneously filtering and recycling wash water. The surface is left clean and nearly dry.

Dirt and contaminants are removed as opposed to just re-distributed to other areas. During this process the water temperature is raised to 200 degrees, which helps loosen grease, dirt, gum, etc. Using the new Eco-friendly equipment makes a noticeable difference in the service provided to our customers.

Compare the old method to new method below.



Old Method
Old Pressure Washing Method

Cleaning using random wand direction and high pressure spraying of the target area.

Results in contaminated run off which pollutes adjacent properties and enters storm drains to flow directly into lakes and streams.

Pooling and oily messes can be left behind.


New Method
Professional Power Washing Texas

Cleaning that contains and recaptures wash water effluent.

No floor leakage or vehicle damaging overspray occurs.


Run off and pooling is eliminated, leaving behind a clean, dry surface.

How it works

  • Cleaning head with 8 turbine blades rotate at high speeds to create a vortex of air and water equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane.
  • Continuous movement keeps water from pooling and allows incoming high-pressure water to directly contact the surface.
  • Waste water scours away dirt as it's pulled over the surface to complement the pressurized water and deeply clean in a single pass.
  • The rotational movement of the cleaning head creates lift that reclaims water, which is pumped back to the trailer without a vacuum system.