Gum Removal from Professional Power Washers

PPW offers their clients the best gum removal system, able to remove gum quickly and easily all without wasting water or disturbing passers by and while conserving the environment. The powerful jet of steam at temperatures at up to 192ºC / 378ºF are produced using only water and electricity, the machine is incredibly efficient using only 2L of water per hour, far less than any traditional methods.

Commercial Gum Removal Services

The revolutionary gum removal system produces great amounts of steam that pass through stainless steel and nylon brushes mixed with a biodegradable environmentally friendly detergent. Instantly dissolving the gum residues, the integrated vacuum is designed to quickly suck up all of the remaining residues performing a complete gum removal process.

The vacuum is one of the most important components of the gum removal system, by vacuuming up all of the gum residue preventing the gum from reforming new chewing gum wads.

Why Choose PPW for Your Commercial Gum Removal?

Our commercial gum removal system is fully electric. This makes the entire cleaning process a quiet operation, which gives PPW the ability to operate in the daytime without disturbing the clientele.

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We proudly provide commercial gum removal in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Waco, and other surrounding areas in Texas!